Edition 7 — Green Goals, Super Chips, Unreal Reviews

by Kartik Chaturvedi

November 21, 2020

Interesting News

India Leads G20 in Climate Action — Swarajya

India is currently the only G20 nation still on course to meet its climate change targets in the Paris Agreement, as estimated by an alliance of 14 global think tanks. The 19 other member nations of the G20 have fallen behind, while India has been able to adopt renewable energy such as solar on a massive scale. Looking into the future, India has the world’s fastest growing economy that can serve as an example of a green society for the rest of the world, especially in areas such as electric transportation and agriculture.

Twisted Graphene Could Power Future Electronics — ScienceMag

In 2018, scientists at MIT created a superconductor at room temperature by stacking two sheets of single-atom thickness on top of each other, and twisting one slightly — 1.1º to be exact. This new material has already become a tool for capturing and controlling individual electrons and photons, and is now being built into working devices, like parts for quantum computers. Once the technology matures, it could completely transform modern consumer electronics.

42% of Amazon Reviews Might Be ‘Unreliable’ — Chicago Tribune

Monitoring service Fakespot has found that fake reviews on Amazon are much higher than usual. Out of 720 million reviews it reviewed between March and September, Fakespot determined 42% to be fake, which is 36% higher than the same period last year. Normally, fake reviews peak around holiday season, perhaps taking advantage of buyers that are tricked more easily in the rush to buy an item on sale.

Exciting Updates


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