Edition 23 — iPhone, Passwords, Digital Life

by Kartik Chaturvedi

January 15, 2022

The Big Stories

iPhone Turns 15

In one of the most iconic and unique product announcements ever, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone 15 years ago — on January 9th, 2007 — and quite literally changed the world.

Webb Space Telescope Is Structurally Fully Deployed

The engineering marvel that is the James Webb Space Telescope lapped up a major milestone over the weekend. Webb will eventually replace Hubble, but it has to cross many more milestones before it’s even operational. Currently, Webb has deployed its unique tennis-court-sized heat shield. This shield protects the infrared camera from the Sun’s heat (which would otherwise blind the camera).

UK bans default passwords

A lot of internet-connected devices come packaged with a default password to allow for easy connecting and setup for consumers. While most instructions warn users to change the password after setup, most don’t. Now, new rules are (finally) being introduced to discourage manufactures from setting default passwords to begin with, making internet-connected home devices less likely to be hacked.

US goes digital

The Biden administration is directing 17 agencies to bring more of their services online, in an overdue and extremely necessary overhaul of some of the most time-consuming government services. Soon, citizens might even be able to apply for passports completely online.

Other Important News

Inside Apple Park: first look at the design team shaping the future of tech

Microsoft seizes domains used by “highly sophisticated” hackers in China

A millipede with 1,300 legs has been found in Australia. It's a new record by far

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